Easy system for FFTC Vouchers

VOUCHERS - how it works

It is very easy. It makes no difference, if you are a FlyFisher GUIDE or the owner or manager of a Flyfishing DESTINATION - you do your business as usual - the FFTC is not in-between you and your client (our FFTC Member).

Just a quick action needed

The Membership validity of the FFTC Member, who wants to redeem a VOUCHER, must be verified before the payment is completed. The valid FFTC Membership can be proven online at our FFTC Membership query and/or with the help of the physical FFTC Member CARD. The valid date is printed on the front side.  On the bottom of our website you will find the FFTC Membership query button on the left side. 


The following is needed for each VOUCHER:

  1. The FFTC Membership must be verified for validity (in best case before you confirm the booking)
  2. The full name and the FFTC Member number must be noted - There is no interaction with the FFTC.club needed!

Benefits for FFTC Members only

Please redeem VOUCHERs only from FFTC Members with a valid Membership. This is fair for all. We have a lot of effort to administrate the FFTC websites with all the advantages for our FFTC Members with valid Memberships. 

Just join the FFTC.club

With your FFTC Membership GUIDES or DESTINATIONS you can reach a big audience of travelling FlyFishers worldwide.

It's never been so easy for you to get a worldwide high class promotion. 


"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Albert Einstein