For fly shops & outfitters

Partnership Program

There is a great possibility for any fly shop or outfitter worldwide

to be a part of a smart win-win situation by joining our Partner Program.

The program is very simple and creates a kind of a cycle involving you, your customers and the

Please read for further information.

How it works

Only 3 Steps

  1. You register your company by clicking here 
  2. You receive a partner number per email
  3. You get our Membership flyers per post

Is FFTC Membership necessary?

We appreciate it, if you have an own active FFTC Membership, but it is absolutely not necessary in order to join our Partner Program. 

What exactly is to do?

You recommend the FFTC FlyFisher or the active FFTC FlyFisher Guide Membership to your customers.

Our flyers, our website and last but not least our worldwide advertisement will support you.


 Next step is - you help your customers live at your shop PC or tablet computer to become FFTC Member.

That's all! 


The only thing you have to do is visit the website online, jump to MEMBERSHIP and select the FFTC Membership your customer wishes to have. Enter his personal data and finish the checkout together with him/her.

All is done - so easy and takes a maximum of 3 minutes! 


The important thing is:

please do not forget to add your personal FFTC Partner Number at the beginning of the field FIRST NAME!


For example:

20171508108312  /  Anthony

(your FFTC Partner Number / First Name of your customer)

What are your benefits?

  • You recommend being a part of a great Fly Fisher Club Community to your customers with all the benefits & privileges for the FFTC Members
  • The customer is thankful for enjoying great user experience by scrolling through the FFTC Members Area when searching for the next Flyfishing trip
  • You receive a 20% share of the Membership fee (from 1 up to 5 years Memberships available) - account statement is quarterly
  • If the customer prolongs the FFTC Membership on his/her own, you will get your 20% share without any further interaction - for the lifetime
  • With every 10th FFTC Membership mediated with your FFTC Partner Number we will buy a gift voucher from your store - this is not a  joke!
  • And last but not least, we advertise all our participants of the FFTC Partner Program in our monthly FFTC Newsletter

We buy gift vouchers in your store

We buy a gift voucher in the amount of 25,00 USD for your store and we give this voucher to one of your customers with FFTC Membership in your home region. So he/she will come back to you to redeem the gift voucher. 


This is what we call a win-win situation for all - the FFTC Partner Program Circle.

We invite your company to join our FFTC Partner Program now!