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Launch of our FFTC.Club Magazine

(launched at March 2020)

Launch of our Smart Travel Services

(launched at February, 2020)


Smart Travel Services




As you know we keep working on the content of our FFTC members area and additional service portfolio. 

Our goal is to get you inspired for your next fly fishing trip. 

But after you made your choice, you need to book your flights to the destination you chose.

We offer a great full service solution that allows you to book domestic or international flights 

including additional hotels before and after your fishing holidays - rental cars as well - without the need to leave the FFTC members area.

Launch of our Blog

Please visit our BLOG to keep informed about our activities. 

(launched at October, 2018)

FFTC.club on the road

The London Fly Fishing Fair 2018

From 23th to 24th March 2018

In February, we attended the BFFI - the British Fly Fair International and some days ago the London Fly Fishing Fair 2018.

We have to say thank you to all the visitors, and the great feedback we received from our visitors to our stand. 

Our Regional Manager UK, Rob Dartnall, had hundreds of interesting conversations with enthusiastic Fly Fishers, Guides, and Owners or Managers of Destinations or Fisheries from all around the world.

This was a great opportunity to share our passion with you for a few minutes, and we really enjoyed the experience.


We keep you informed about our next shows. 

FFTC Regional Manager UK, Rob Dartnall at the London Fly Fishing Fair 2018

British Fly Fair International 2018

From 10th to 11th February 2018

We are proud to announce that we attended the BFFI in Staffordshire County with an own stand.

Many visitors met our Regional Manager UK, Rob Dartnall personal and had a nice small talk. 

We hope we can say to some of them welcome at the FFTC.club.


Posted at 15. January 2018

We are proud to announce the public launch of the FFTC Members Area.

We love to present the first edition of our FFTC Members Area

after a journey we have started a couple of month ago and which should never stop.


We invite all Fly Fishers worldwide to browse the FFTC Members Area

to get inspired for their next FlyFishing trips!

At this point many thanks to all people involved, who made this come true.

Lake Starnberg, Germany, 15. January 2018, Alexander Dachlauer

Social Media


We are proud that we launched our FFTC.club YouTube Channel at 2nd of November 2017. 

 For our introduction video we got more than 2.500 views within the first week - thank you! 


FFTC.club YouTube-Channel pic - © 2017
FFTC.club YouTube-Channel pic - © 2017

hand selected playlists

With our FFTC.club YouTube Channel we like to present you with

some real pearls from the "ocean" of YouTube videos.

In the future we would also like to present the YouTube videos of our FFTC.club Members when available.


FFTC.club YouTube-Channel pic - © 2017
FFTC.club YouTube-Channel pic - © 2017

Industry Brands Channels

We add the YouTube channels of the most interesting industry brands to our FFTC.club Channel. Please have a look at their videos and subscribe also there if you haven't done this before or watch them directly out of our FFTC.club Channel recommendations. 


FFTC.club YouTube-Channel pic - © 2017
FFTC.club YouTube-Channel pic - © 2017

Please enjoy your time at our FFTC.club YouTube Channel and subscribe if you like it.