Story behind the Idea of Founding the FFTC

Hello, my name is Alexander Dachlauer. I live in Germany, Bavaria, in the south of Munich at the lake Starnberg. A great place for being a FlyFisher! There are a lot of fascinating flyfishing Waters all around. Yes, it is in the center of Europe, in front of the Alps, and you can easily travel to all the legendary spots. I have been fishing since I was a young boy. To catch a fish was my absolute favorite experience in my whole childhood. I remember hours spent standing like frozen in a small creek - waiting for a fish to catch it only with my hands. I remember my first self-made rod - out of a tree branch, with a short tippet, a small hook and, I'm sorry for that, with a worm on it. I spent so many hours in my life catching fish this way. But in the last decade my heart beats for flyfishing.


So I can say, 

"My passion is the same as yours: PURE FLYFISHING!"


By the way on the other side of my life I'm member of the board of directors and the Managing Director of andante media DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT CLG, a music and audiobook publishing and entertainment company. andante media DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT CLG is one of the largest independent music publisher of the German speaking area. We published our records in more than 240 regions all over the world and we are proud to have such a big audience of music enthusiasts in so many countries. With this experience I can say:


"Musicians and FlyFishers share the same spirit: enthusiastic for what they are doing!"


All FlyFishers have their home spots and for sure we love to fish and spend our fishing time there. We know every stone, sometimes every fish in every pool. My personal home spots are the alpine pocket waters PARTNACH & LOISACH, and my every weekend spot is the legendary river ISAR. At the beginning of the season I like to catch lake trouts with mayflies out of my boat from the surface of the lake Starnberg. For sure we are all in love with our home spots but there are so many other foreign and attractive spots all over the world. Some of them are either in the direct neighborhood not far away from our home or just over the next border and you can reach them either by driving or flying for a couple of hours. Others are overseas, in a completely different country with a foreign language, far away from home. The charm to explore new destinations or to catch a new species of fish is enormous for the TRAVELLING FLYFISHER. We spend hour by hour in internet to organize and book a trip. Some hours are entertaining, others are frustrating.  


"The FFTC Members Area brings together what must be together."


The idea of founding the FlyFisher Traveller Club was born in March 2017 and it's growing very, very fast in my head and in my heart! I decided to use different professional resources to realize the idea and to make the dream come true that the FFTC will be the biggest FlyFisher Club and the fastest growing FlyFisher Community worldwide. A well organized membership area brings together what must be together. The FFTC Members Area will offer a direct access to a huge number of the most experienced FlyFisher Guides and all the worthwhile freshwater and saltwater Destinations all around the globe. There are so many great Destinations out there - we are hungry to explore them - hand in hand with a Guide who is familiar with the Water to make our visions of unforgettable moments become real!

Yes, I totally understand that this is an ambitious goal - but with your trust and belief we can reach this goal and become the biggest FlyFisher Club in the world. There are so many attractive spots in so many different countries we want to explore. There are so many helpful Flyfisher Guides all over the world awaiting the TRAVELLING FLYFISHERs. Let's start this journey together. Join us and become a Member. If you are a traveling FlyFisher or a FlyFisher Guide or you are the owner or manager of a great Flyfishing Destination - please join the FFTC. 



Always tight lines!

Alexander Dachlauer, Founder of the FFTC

P.S.: We are proud we launched at March 2020 our first issue of the FLY FISHING DESTINATIONS WORLDWIDE - FFTC Magazine!

100+ pages full of worth-to-travel Fly fishing destinations around the globe - the FFTC digital magazine is clickable!