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Legal Notes & Privacy

Legal Notes


© Copyright by andante media D. Ziegler – THE DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY - 2017 – all rights to the reserved!

The copyright holder is in the following as FFTC.



All rights to the FFTC contents (i.e. photos & text) are reserved by the by andante media unless stated otherwise. All rights to the ux-design including the pictures are reserved by FFTC. Any use of the software, any use of the content especially the FFTC Members Area content, any publishing, copying or provision in other electronic ways or any use of the artwork and text including the pictures and links and or any screenshots of the FFTC Members Area is prohibited without the written permission of the rights owner. Third parties rights especially the FFTC Members Area content are published under a written permission from the origin rights owner.



The user and the FFTC Members will receive a personal but non-exclusive and non-transferable right to access the FFTC Members Area and the related digital services of the (Website). Users are not permitted to publish, replicate or copy the FFTC Members Area content on or to other media or physical storage devices, the Internet or any file-sharing or social networks. In general, any commercial use is strictly forbidden. We appreciate your understanding that we will pursue every single case of abuse.

By signing up the FFTC Membership, login and accessing the FFTC Members Area, you will be deemed to have read, understood, and accepted these terms.


Technical Requirements

To access the FFTC Members Area, specific electronic devices are required (iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, any other Smartphone, a MAC Computer or a PC). You also require some software and, for connecting to the Internet, you need an Internet service provider. This means you need devices and/or services from third parties to access the FFTC Members Area. These services are to be paid for separately and by yourself. Consequently the FFTC is neither responsible nor liable for these devices, services and third party software.


Personal Information

Your privacy is very important to us. We record your personal Membership at the All the data you provide to us by accessing the FFTC Members Area (only by FFTC Members) is submitted because you have made a conscious, willing, free, and personal decision to do so with your FFTC Membership.

You grant us permission to collect, disclose, use, transmit, and store this data. The FFTC is entitled to use this information for identification purposes and to contact you (i.e. for the FFTC Newsletter). In general the needs to use this data to provide the FFTC Membership service you expect. For detailed information please see our Privacy Policy.


Links to Third Party Websites

We are not responsible for any content on other websites we link to within our FFTC Members Area – especially to all linked foreign websites from Guides, Destinations, Waters, Flyfisher Travel Agencies, private Persons (i.e. Lifetime Members) or Flyfisher Brands (foreign Companies) which are represented within the FFTC Members Area. All these websites are branded separately and have their own copyrights and terms of use. The cannot be held liable for this content.



Privacy Policy & Security


Your privacy is very important to us. We only use the data you submit to provide you with the best FFTC Membership services and to make using the FFTC Members Area as user-friendly as possible.

We only store personal and non-personal data on SSL-secured web servers.


Disclosure to Third Parties

It is one of our company philosophies that we do not transfer your private information to any other third party in any commercial relationship.

To ensure all expected FFTC Membership services are provided, it may be necessary in some cases to involve a third party as a service provider (for example for newsletter processing or post mailings). First, we need the Website Hoster to give access to the FFTC Members Area. For the personalization process of your Member Card, we need a third party manufacturer and some lettershop service provider. If we transfer any single item of personal data to third parties for any services we provide to FTTC Members, the company involved must guarantee that it will handle all the data provided to it carefully. They are not permitted to make any copies or to transfer the data to another third party.

As a feature, the Websites of the lets you easily access some social-networking services directly from the website. Please note: if you post something you submit private information (for example your full name or e-mail address) directly to a public social network. In this way some third parties can collect your data. Please be careful when using this feature.


Non-personal data

We are also able to collect some non-personal data while the FFTC Members Area is used. This non-personal data is completely anonymous. In no event does it provide information on or allow access to any specific user. The FFTC needs no extra permission for any kind of use of this non-personal data. We collect this non-personal data to gather helpful information about the daily use of the website and the FFTC Members Area. This will help us to find out which features are loved and specific areas where we need to improve the Please take care of your private data. We handle it very carefully!