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It is really easy to become a member in our club.

There is no entry regulations or any committee you have to pass and every active FFTC Member enjoys the same privileges.

We invite every FlyFisher in the world to be a part of the fastest growing FlyFisher Community worldwide.


You love to travel for flyfishing - perfect - we do too!

Today you have to spend hour by hour in order to find your next destination, a lodge or a hotel you can stay in, 

to organize the licenses for the waters where you intend to fish or to find the right FlyFisher Guide.

This process could be much easier by browseing our FFTC Members Area. 



You can save thousands of Dollars a year - make unlimited use of FFTC Membership advantages!


What we are not!

  • We are not a travel agency for a FlyFisher
  • We are not a poor directory page with tons of links
  • We are not a local Club
  • We are not a snobbish Club
  • We are not a new tackle shop or outfitter
  • We are not a new competitor to any local FlyFisher Club, established tackle shop or specialized travel agency for FlyFishers
  • We are not a portal website with blinking advertising banners

What benefits can you expect?

  • Unlimited and free access to the FFTC Members Area
  • Lifetime Membership
  • Your personalized Member Card
  • Vouchers from 25 USD up to 75 USD of single value exclusively for FFTC Members from Guides & Destinations all over the world
  • Special offers exclusively for FFTC Members up to 15% OFF the regular rates
  • No limitation of use of any offered FFTC Fly Fisher Membership advantages (you can save thousands of Dollars a year - depends on how many trips you book)
  • The FFTC Newsletter
  • Exclusive access to our Smart Travel Services (easy booking of your flights, hotels, rental cars and ferries)
  • digital Magazine twice a year

What the members area really contains?

The best way to discover the FFTC Members Area is by yourself.

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Attention - FlyFisher GUIDES Memberships (profiles) at FFTC are separate!

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  • Lifetime Membership
  • Unlimited access to the Members Area
  • All privileges of active Fly Fisher Membership
  • Unlimited use of any offered FFTC Membership advantages
1 Year Membership at the for FlyFishers


  • You will receive the FFTC Member Card within 14 days after signing up

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