how it works

To use the FFTC Voucher is very simple

Standard FFTC Vouchers will be available from 25.00 USD up to 75.00 USD.  


It is really very simple for the FFTC Member to use the FFTC Voucher. There are only two requirements:

  1. There must be a FFTC Voucher available from the Guide or Destination you like to choose (see special sign on profile)
  2. Your FFTC Membership must be valid at the date of your flyfishing trip (validity is proven by your FFTC Member Card or live online) 

That's all - no extra forms required! 


Practical tip: please claim the FFTC Voucher directly by booking your flyfishing trip. Make sure that your host, FFTC Guide or FFTC Destination, is informed about your intention to claim the available FFTC Voucher before you finalize your booking. They will reserve this single FFTC Voucher for you. The amount of the single FFTC Voucher will promptly reduce the budget of your next flyfishing trip!


"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Albert Einstein

One more important notice: you book your trip directly with your host or a travel agency - the same way you normally do this. The itself is not a travel agency for FlyFishers!

Please don't forget your FFTC Member Card

Please make sure you have your FFTC Member Card with you. FFTC Guides and FFTC Destinations will verify your valid Membership by checking your FFTC Member Card validity, which is printed on the front side. They also need your full name and your FFTC Member number. There is no further action needed from the FFTC FlyFisher Member. Please note that FFTC Guide or FFTC Destination can only accept the FFTC Voucher with a valid FFTC Membership. You can verify your Membership only by showing your physical FFTC Member Card.  

last but not least

No limits

There is no limitation on the number of FFTC Vouchers for a FFTC Member with valid Membership. You can redeem as many FFTC Vouchers as you like. If you are travelling a lot for flyfishing within a season, your benefit from FFTC Membership can be enormous. So please enjoy your FFTC Membership and select your next flyfishing trip to explore new waters - choose the right Guide and pick up your next Destination by browsing the FFTC Members Area. It's never been so easy for you! Just join the!