FFTC Membership

In general we have three different kinds of membership. 


The FlyFisher


The FlyFisher Guide


The Flyfishing Destination

Each membership contains unlimited access to the FFTC Members Area and allows to redeem FFTC Vouchers. The privileges for all members are the same. FlyFisher Guides and Flyfishing Destinations are represented with a detailed profile including pictures and, if available, also with entertaining videos. The FlyFisher Member does not have to provide a digital profile. FFTC FlyFisher Members are not public except for LIFETIME MEMBERS. Lifetime members will be represented at the FFTC Members Area with a picture and a short background information. 




  • Your FFTC Member Card is a clean product made of cellulose 
  • Wooden material is certified in accordance with the standards of a Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) 
  • Free of phthalate (plasticizer), bisphenol (BPA), polyvinylchlorid (PVC)
  • Free of mineral oil, flame retardants, heavy metals and solvents
  • 100% biologically degradable (compost or water) 
  • Contains your individual member number
  • Personalized with your full name
  • Includes the valid date (month and year) 
  • Validity period starts always at the following month after sign-up
  • Member Card is needed for authentication of valid membership   


Lifetime membership

Lifetime membership is something you cannot buy for money. It is absolutely free, but you have to be a person who is doing something special for the Flyfishing Community in the world. Something which is noticeable or has some impact in a region, a country or on the global level. For example it can be a deeply committed flyfishing instructor, who spends his life educating and teaching new generations of FlyFishers or somebody, who supports any kind of projects to preserve our environment and our precious waters all over the world. It does not matter if it is a local or a global project. Also someone who is engineering a new generation of fly-rods, reels or any other helpful tackle, which is later used by many, many FlyFishers all around the world. Each of them could be a candidate to become a LIFETIME MEMBER at the FFTC.


If you know someone, who can be honored with a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP, please write us an email sending some information about the person. Any links, which could provide us more detailed information, are also welcome. We will regularly discuss all suggestions and we will get in touch with this person by sending out the LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP Card and a letter of invitation to join the FFTC. 


A picture and a short profile of each lifetime member will be shown in the FFTC Members Area under LIFETIME MEMBERS. If there are any entertaining videos available, we will add them too. 


If you have any suggestions for an outstanding merited person, please feel free to send us an email to lifetime.members@fftc.club

Thank you for supporting us!