New Issue of FFTC Fly Fishing destinations worldwide - Magazine No. I-2021

The third issue of our brand-new Fly Fishing Magazine is out now!

Yes, of course traveling is very restricted in this pandemic time. But our goal is to get our FFTC members inspired for their next fly fishing trip and to keep their dreams alive. Of course, our FFTC Members Area is still our main source. But the presentation of content in a magazine is totally different from that on the website and some of us are more used to reading a magazine. Yes, it is a traditional experience in a modern world. We will use the creative possibilities of a digital magazine to feed your dreams about new destinations.


Where to find?

Our brand-new digital magazine is published on our website and in one of the worldwide leading eStores for magazines.


How much does it cost - do I need an additional subscription?

No, it will be totally for free for all readers. Unlimited access worldwide. No subscription or registration is needed.


What's inside?

The FFTC presents 130 pages full of information about worth-to-know fly fishing destinations around the globe including info boxes with the actual rates, the FFTC advantages and the FFTC Members contacts for direct booking.


Of course you will also find some editorial contents.  You will find interviews, first hand articles about fishing adventures and portraits from fly fishing brands with insider information.


The FFTC magazine is clickable. The FFTC magazine will be published twice a year. Always in April and November.

And last but not least please share the FFTC magazine with everybody. It's totally free for all readers. Post it on Social Media.


Please feel free to share! Thank you!

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