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Trip Tip of the Month · 03. February 2019
"Hucho Hucho" in Mongolia - Tsaatan Lodge The taimen - as the huchon is called in Mongolia - can reach record sizes. This fish is a fierce predator and is known by the Mongolians as ‘The River Wolf’. It can devour prairie dogs, ducklings and squirrels and when it’s not eating its usual prey, it can also go for dry flies.
Trip Tip of the Month · 29. December 2018
'Sight Fishing' for Atlantic Salmon - Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec, Eastern Canada Crystal clear water... ...casting to sighted fish... ...floating lines... ...dry fly fishing possible - all we dream about! The Fishery at Gaspé, Quebec Atlantic Salmon with floating lines and dry fly Gaspe, Quebec is a charming, predominantly French speaking town with around 16,000 citizens isolated on the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula.

Welcome · 14. December 2018
EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC OF AFRICA ON BOARD OF OUR LUXURY FLOATING HOTEL, ZAMBEZI QUEEN Moving along the banks of the great Chobe River, Zambezi Queen is a 5-star, 42-metre long luxury houseboat offering unparalleled sophistication in one of the most remote locations on the planet. Best of all, as a guest on the vessel, you can enjoy a truly unique and adventurous river safari holiday while still being surrounded by complete comfort and elegance.
Trip Tip of the Month · 29. November 2018
Barcelos and Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, Amazonas, Brazil are the worldwide capital of Freshwater Sport Fishing. Almost all IGFA world records for Tucunaré Açú came from Barcelos’ waters ...

Trip Tip of the Month · 31. October 2018
High class at the jungle! You are looking for a luxury Africa Fly Fishing adventure? Africa’s No1 freshwater game fish has to be the tiger fish. These native African fish are found in many rivers and lakes over the continent. The Lower Zambezi offers one of the finest fresh water angling experiences in the world...
Welcome · 18. October 2018
Dreaming about a Record sizes Taimen - catch of the Lifetime? The Four Rivers Lodge is one of the most comfortable and welcoming place for fishermen in Mongolia. Far off civilization fishing for big Taimen, beautiful Lenok, and Graylings as well.

Trip Tip of the Month · 07. October 2018
'Viva La Mexico' - Punta Allen Fishing Club "Mi casa es tu casa" is lived here par excellence and leads to a cozy atmosphere with a high feel-good factor...
Trip Tip of the Month · 07. October 2018
The Ningaloo Reef - Sight Fishing at it´s Best 'Exmouth' - The Northward of Australia The map of Australia shows a peninsula extending northward from its northwest corner. This approximately 75 mile long peninsula is known as the North West Cape and is home to the town of Exmouth and the Ningaloo Reef. The spectacularly clear waters of the Indian Ocean lap upon the shoreline of this isolated and remote outback desert coastline...

Trip Tip of the Month · 07. October 2018
Discover Alaska - The Alagnak River at Katmai National Park Once you have been bitten by the bug, you’re “hooked”. So beware – fish the Alagnak River at your own peril, because once you’ve been there, once will never be enough. This is attested to by many Fly fishers that come back every year to get their “fix”!...
Trip Tip of the Month · 07. October 2018
Discover Slovenia - A Land Rich In Rivers Slovenia is also unique as a fishing destination since it offers such a wide range of fish species to target, including wild Brown trout, Brook trout, Rainbow trout, Grayling and Danube salmon. It also has its own very unique trout, the famous and mysterious "ghost of Soca", the Marble trout...

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