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Trip Tip of the Month · 03. February 2019
"Hucho Hucho" in Mongolia - Tsaatan Lodge The taimen - as the huchon is called in Mongolia - can reach record sizes. This fish is a fierce predator and is known by the Mongolians as ‘The River Wolf’. It can devour prairie dogs, ducklings and squirrels and when it’s not eating its usual prey, it can also go for dry flies.
Welcome · 18. October 2018
Big Hucho Hucho in Mongolia The lodge is located at the North-Western point of the Khovsgol Province and is at the junction of the Tengis and Shishged rivers. A great place to start your journey to catch a big Taimen.

Welcome · 18. October 2018
Dreaming about a Record sizes Taimen - catch of the Lifetime? The Four Rivers Lodge is one of the most comfortable and welcoming place for fishermen in Mongolia. Far off civilization fishing for big Taimen, beautiful Lenok, and Graylings as well.