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The Faro River is a true multi-species destination.

Fishing for Nile perch, on foot, in big game territory, is as wild an experience as you are likely to encounter with a fly rod in hand. Added to this, the prime Nile perch fishing times are sunset until 21h30 when the sounds of the African night are amplified by the darkness, which means most anglers will be experiencing a fly fishing trip like none they have encountered before.



This area offers adventurous fly fishermen a unique glimpse into an almost untouched West African savannah environment. Signature game such as Lord Derby eland, north western buffalo, western roan, Kordofan giraffe, western hartebeest, red river hog, elephant, western kob, red flanked duiker, colobus monkey, western lion and leopard, hippos and crocodiles, amongst others, are found in our operational areas. Although not a game viewing destination, many of these animals and their signs are seen on a daily basis when driving between camp and the fishing beats.

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