July 2019 - CHILE


'Chilean Patagonia' - Catch and Release Wild Browns in Chile


Los Torreones Lodge has the advantage of being surrounded by many of the regions key rivers, lakes and watersheds. You won´t spend an inordinate amount of time in cars moving each day to find good water. You are surrounded by the finest fly fishing water in the world!


Not only does the Simpson River run immediately in front of the Lodge; we are blessed to be located at the heart of the “Best Fishing in Chile/Patagonia".


Emblematic rivers like the Simpson, the Manihuales, Emperado Guillermo, Rio Nirehuao, the Cisnes and more, allow the angler to explore fresh water and adventure each day of his stay. Secret spring creeks, hidden Lakes, and off the grid, remote access fishing, expand the opportunities to enjoy Patagonia at its finest...


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Always tight lines, Alexander

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