# 4.633

ARGENTINA 2019 - Central Patagonia and Northern Argentina


I'm back from Argentina after a fantastic journey. I had a great time in Argentina and I met a lot of nice people - fishermen, locals and some travelers from other countries as well. 


The fishery was amazing - the hospitality of my hosts is unbeatable in every single way, the food and the service were excellent, and the guiding was simply perfect! 

To share the story about this wonderful experience I started to sort 4.633 photos and video clips I have made on this journey. Yes, 4.633 is the number of files I brought home. And yes, this will take some time, and of course this includes several photo series of wildlife photography (especially in Northern Argentina) and also a lot of single shots. I have done my best to document this great journey for you. You will find some photo galleries and a detailed trip report in FFTC Member Area under the section FFTC Hosted Trip March 2019, at Central Patagonia, Argentina - Trip Report as soon as possible.