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Big Hucho Hucho in Mongolia

The lodge is located at the North-Western point of the Khovsgol Province and is at the junction of the Tengis and Shishged rivers.

Here, in the Khovsgol Province of Northern Mongolia, you will discover mountain rivers flowing through the taiga and the rich coniferous forests.


The region is also home to a large number of lakes including the White Lake which gave its name to the village of Tsagaan Nuur.

In this area you will come across remote spots where no-one has ever fished and, as you explore, that big surprise is just one cast away. Any traveller visiting Mongolia will go home not only with the memories of its spectacular landscape but also with the privilege of having discovered the way of life and the values of its ancient culture. One taste of it and all you will want is to go back.

The taimen - as the huchon is called in Mongolia - can reach record sizes. This fish is a fierce predator and is known by the Mongolians as ‘The River Wolf’. It can devour prairie dogs, ducklings and squirrels and when it’s not eating its usual prey, it can also go for dry flies.

The average length of 80 cm is already impressive but many fish can reach 1.20 m and it is not so rare to come across fish of 1.50 m who are estimated to be 50 years old. Fishing for taimen is a particularly exciting challenge and the fight will take your breath away.

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