Welcome - The Four Rivers Lodge - in Mongolia

The Four Rivers Lodge is one of the most comfortable and welcoming place for fishermen in Mongolia.

It is just a four-hour drive from the small town of Moron and lies at the junction of the most beautiful four rivers of the region - the Chulut, the Delgermoron, the Selenge and the Ider


The Essence of the Mongolia Trip


Mongolia is considered today as the new El Dorado for fishermen. How could anyone not be enthralled by these vast open spaces, void of any civilization, and by rivers which have kept the magnificence of the day of their creation? Mongolia really can be the trip of a lifetime if you are willing to take an interest in its people and are ready to enter a culture so different from our own.

The fishery of The Four Rivers Lodge covers 150 km rich in interesting pools. Most of the stretches have barely been fished before and your fly might very well be the first to be cast. The Team of The Four Rivers Lodge have already explored a number of locations and each week new spots are discovered, often with a trophy fish being taken on the fly.

Fishing for taimen is a particularly exciting challenge. Each cast gives you a chance to catch a huge specimen of this local member of the salmon family. It may even be the catch of a lifetime!

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Always tight lines, Alexander

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